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I.         Introduction:

To be in ministry is to serve the Lord and His people --- it is a privilege, not a right!  Being a Eucharistic Minister means serving God and God’s people at Mass.  

Part of ministry is to help “set the pace” for all who take part in the Mass. What you do there and how you do it can help other people to understand the Mass better and make their love for God stronger.  Our involvement in the Mass serves as an example and an encouragement for others to be actively involved.  At Mass, our actions and appearance show that we are proud to serve.


You are asked to take this ministry seriously and to realize that it is done as a response to God’s call to service in the church. It is also understood that as a minister of this sacrament of unity that you will work to build up and unify the community of Queenship of Mary and be a positive presence within this parish.


II.         Expectations:


A.    You are expected to be at the Church at least 15 minutes before Mass begins.  During this time, confer with the other ministers, get to know them, decide who will step up.  Most importantly greet your fellow parishioners as they arrive in church and assist as the need arises. We are called to be ministers of hospitability.  Be attentive to noise level, as parishioners are praying in church.  

B.      You are expected to fulfill your obligation to serve at your assigned time.  You are expected to find your own replacement for Mass if you cannot make it for whatever reason. Upon arrival please sign in. Know that these sign in sheets will be used as an attendance record. If you are consistently absent you may be asked to step down from the ministry.  If you inform the ministry head of your special request before the 10th of the prior month, or earlier if the 10th falls on a weekend, it will be honored, therefore, negating the need for a substitute.    

C.     Realize that the norm is for five ministers to be scheduled for each Mass.   Two ministers will normally be assigned to bring communion to the Elms Nursing Home after the 8:15 AM Mass. The Ministry head will handle the scheduling for each Mass.  

D.    All ministers should maintain a spirit of appropriate reverence. This reverence is shown by your demeanor, your manner and your dress. Therefore, you should be appropriately dressed whenever you are scheduled to serve. Sweat pants, sweat shirts, t-shirts, jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops, uncovered shoulders, etc. are not considered appropriate. Exceptions may be allowed if you are filling in and no other ministers are available.


E.      You are expected to participate during Mass.   

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